About Us

The 200 miles of waterfront in Cecil County are a source of great pleasure for those who enjoy boating. For the Trainers of North East, these waters support a family business that has prospered since the 1970's.

It all started when Ed Trainer opened a sporting goods shop on Route 272, the road leading into North East. The shop sold hunting and fishing supplies including guns and small aluminum boats.

As the business grew, Butch added larger boats. In 1973 he closed the shop and opened Anchor Boats just down the street. Around 1980, he opened Anchor Marina down in the North East Harbor. Today, the two businesses are thriving and Butch's sons, Edward and Matt, have taken over the day-to-day operations, under dad's close supervision.

Customer service is Anchor's top priority and we have proven that year after year with top CSI honors from all the brands we carry. While we "will not be undersold" on price we will also over deliver on customer service. We specialize in boats from Four Winns, Key West Boats, Inc., Scout Boat Company, and G3.